IPO/Schutzhund Training Videos

 by Mark Chaffin

Special Celebrity Endorsement!

Teaching the perfect grip! In IPO and Schutzhund, dogs are judged on their grip.  Make sure you make the best grip you can on your dog.

To add the DVD-R Teaching the Grip only $47.99:

How to teach the Bark and Hold for top competition! Do you know what an excellent Bark and Hold should look like? Do you know how to create and maintain a great Bark and Hold? 

To add the DVD-R Teaching the Bark and Hold only 47.99!

For BEGINNERS in IPO/Schutzhund! Tracking and Obedience and Protection.  How to do a proper about turn!

To add the DVD-R Beginners in IPO/Schutzhund Video only 47.99!

For ADVANCED and beginning trainers!  How to secure the long bite (Courage test)!  Beginning preparation to finish teaching the dog the long bite!

To add the DVD-R How to Teach the Long Bite (Courage Test)only 47.99!

For ADVANCED trainers!  How to get the perfect out! How to make sure the dog sticks the long bite (COURAGE TEST)! The perfect side TRANSPORT! Do you have problems with guarding when you walk up to your dog?

To add this DVD-R Advanced techniques for top competition IPO/Schutzhund Video only 47.99!






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New Video on Capping coming soon:  Timmy's drive for great bark and holds and capping:








Pamphlet on the Retrieve:

How to teach a great retrieve. This retrieve has sold all over the world. For only 24.99! Here is a video about the pamphlet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WY0eS-mufg

Trial Handling Guide 2014 Pamphlet:

All the newest rules explained!  How do you report to the judge? When do you take the leash off in obedience as compared to protection!  Only 24.99!


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