Mark, Peter and Ann Marie are excellent dog trainers and offer Dog Bite Prevention Seminars for schools, police, private business', neighborhood communities, insurance companies and for the Humane Society.

One of Family K9s indoor and outdoor facilities.  It includes heat, kitchen, bar and bathroom!  Over 80 acres! We have two facilities in the Douglas County and Elbert County area.


Dog Bite Prevention

Seminars include 9 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in depth study of animal behavior, why dog's bite, hands-on work with dogs, with Powerpoint illustrations, and live demonstrations.

Only limited time left in 2014!  Accepting some reservations for 2015! 


Prices: $100 dollars a person for 10 people or under.

Over 10 people $95 a person.

Over 20 people flat rate $2000.



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